Oct 01 2010

Anatomy: Orbital Feathers

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If you look closely at this common yellowthroat’s eye you’ll see something like eyelashes surrounding it.¬† Those “eyelashes” are actually feathers called orbital feathers.

Not all birds have orbital feathers — some have bare skin — but in a beauty contest for long eyelashes ostriches would win the prize.¬† (Click here to see.)

How amazing that their eyelashes are made of feathers instead of tiny hairs!

(photo by Chuck Tague. Check out his Birds’ Eye Views photo¬†gallery.)

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  1. Bird Feederson 01 Oct 2010 at 2:41 pm

    The diversity of feather types is truly astonishing. I wonder if the functional significance of orbital feathers is similar to that of eyelashes in mammals. Thanks for the great post!

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