Looking For Birds in Their Winter Habitat

It's been a mild winter in Pittsburgh but we haven't had any prairie warblers in town.

Since the birds aren't coming here, I'm going on a short trip to see them in their winter habitat in Florida.

Chuck & Joan Tague will help me find them.

(photo by Chuck Tague)

6 thoughts on “Looking For Birds in Their Winter Habitat

  1. I will be down there in a couple of weeks myself. What should I be on the lookout for? I expect to be doing my birding on the beach on the Gulf coast, possibly getting into the Everglades (anyone have any tour recommendations?).

    When I’ve been down there I mostly see pelicans, sanderlings, skimmers, and terns, but one year a storm blew in a bunch of frigatebirds, which were very neat to see. Hoping for no storm this year, though…

  2. I may be running to Phoenix next week to sell a car. If I go, I may be able to stop somewhere and see some birds. I also finally got my big lens, 50-500mm!

  3. Some of the great places for bird watching would be:

    Tigertail Beach on Marco Island,
    Birdon Road off Rt.41E, this is in the Everglades,
    to see Alligators, try H. P. Williams also off of Rt. 41E in the Everglades. Has a nice boardwalk to view these beauties.,
    Eagles Lake Community Park, Rt. 41E, outskirts of Naples, 5th most popular birding spot in Florida. (This happens to be my backyard, very great for taking photos).,
    There is so much more just in the Naples area. Email me and I could give you some other great spots, like the nature trails or even a wild ride through the Everglades.
    tweety6974@hotmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon.


    PS: you can stop at a lot of the restaurants, they usually have good guide books.

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