Jun 09 2012

Pitt Peregrine News, June 8

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Yesterday at Fledge Watch we often saw all five peregrines at the same time:  Dorothy, E2 and the three "kids."

The youngsters practiced flying (above) and one even tried a prey exchange with Dad ... which he missed and dropped to the ground.   I missed it, too.  I was at work.  🙁

In the evening Dorothy demonstrated how to kite from the lightning rod (below). She hung onto the perch and opened her wings in the steady wind, practicing balance and control without having to go anywhere.  In a couple of days the fledglings will copy Mom and try this exercise.

Fledge Watch is no longer a scheduled event but you can find out when the falcon watchers will be at the Schenley Plaza tent by checking Pittsburgh Falconuts on Facebook for dates/times.  Some of us will be there at mid-day today.

(top photo of juvenile flying by Peter Bell, bottom photo of Dorothy kiting on the lightning rod by Sharon Leadbitter)

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  1. Bob Youngon 09 Jun 2012 at 2:42 pm

    Love this site. Just to let you know that I have linked your blog to ours and have used one of your photos as your link header with the (C) still intact. Keep Looking Up!

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