Sunday at 1:00pm, 1360 AM Radio, Pittsburgh

This Sunday July 22 at 1:00pm I'll be chatting with Scott Shalaway on his Birds and Nature radio show on 1360 AM radio.  Tune in at noon to hear Scott's entire show -->  noon to 2:00pm on Sundays, 1360 AM.

You can listen online by clicking the [Listen Live] button at

One thought on “Sunday at 1:00pm, 1360 AM Radio, Pittsburgh

  1. We’ll be listening Kate. Let’s just hope that WMNY doesn’t lose power again like a couple weeks ago. Reception is spotty enough without that hassle.

    Or you can listen on the internet at (1) and click the “Listen Live” button on the right side of the page or (2) by entering shalaway or Birds and Nature in the search box and then clicking on “Birds and Nature” to listen and or download past shows as a podcast. The direct link is

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