Henry Is Just Peachy

Pitt peregrines Dorothy and E2 would be proud to know their son Henry is doing well in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Though he's only one year old he's set up shop at Tower East and can be seen there almost every day.

Last week Chad+Chris Saladin got some nice photos of Henry that show he's nearly finished molting into adult plumage.  His back is nearly all gray and his chest has become salmon-colored.   In this he takes after his mother.

Henry was quite expressive while Chad+Chris watched.  Here he is "winking" at Tower East while half asleep.

And here he waves "hello" to his fans.


Henry is just peachy!

(photos by Chad+Chris Saladin)

8 thoughts on “Henry Is Just Peachy

  1. How wonderful to see Henry is getting wide coverage. He is a very handsome Raptor. Thanks for posting the wonderful pics of C&C

    1. *** This comment has been corrected after Chris explained how Henry was/is identified. ***
      For reading bands, people use spotting scopes or digital photographs. Peregrines are often identified by photos because the photographer uses a zoom lens, then digitally zooms the image to read the bands. Many of Pittsburgh’s bridge peregrines have been identified this way.

  2. Terrific job with your blog, as always, Kate! Just want to clear one thing… We don’t think of ourselves as photographers as much as nest site monitors and peregrine fanatics. So, most of the time we confirm falcon IDs through the spotting scope before we can get the bands through photos. It’s not always easy based on lighting and the angle of the bands, so we don’t post an ID without seeing it clearly ourselves. The first shot of Henry here is digiscoped, so we can get better zoom with the scope than a camera. Thanks again for all you do and for including our pics in your blog!

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