Oct 25 2012

Who’s The Smartest Of Them All?

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Somehow I missed Raccoon Nation! when it premiered on PBS NATURE last February but Oh, my! I watched it online last week and I can hardly wait to see it on the big screen when PBS re-broadcasts it on Halloween.

I've already learned that raccoons are the smartest animal in the urban jungle.  They're relatively small (so it's easy to hide), nocturnal, omnivorous and adaptable.  They learn from their mothers and they can get into anything because they have thumbs.

I've seen this in my city neighborhood:  a mother raccoon guiding her kits to shelter, the sound of racoons arguing over my neighbor's bird feeders at night, the shadows of 'coons raiding my bird bath.

There's not a garbage can they can't open.  They're ready for any challenge.  And our attempts to outsmart them make them smarter!

So of course I'm going to pull up a seat on Wednesday October 31 at 8:00pm and watch Raccoon Nation! in living color on WQED. 

I can hardly wait. On Halloween the animals will wear masks.

(photo from PBS NATURE)

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  1. Mary Joon 25 Oct 2012 at 9:16 am

    I’ve already set the dvr to record the show in case I forget to watch it live. I saw the ad at the end of the Snowy Owl show. Weren’t those baby owls just the cutest? Watching them waddle 2 miles was amazing.

  2. Marianneon 25 Oct 2012 at 3:04 pm

    I did see Raccoon Nation when it was out before. It was amazing! I hope to see it again.

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