...Specifically, tundra swans!

Last week we were blessed by the sights and sounds of gorgeous white birds on their way from Canada's Arctic coast to Chesapeake Bay and beyond.

Most of them didn't stop but that didn't matter.  They're beautiful in flight.

Marcy Cunkelman had her camera ready as the flocks flew over her house.

Bye bye, swans.

(photos by Marcy Cunkelman)

4 thoughts on “Swans!

  1. They are beautiful in the air. I haven’t seen or heard any this fall, but I did last fall, but only after dark. Hopefully they will stop and visit on the river like they did in March on a Sunday afternoon when Steve Gosser got some good pix.

  2. Has anyone ever been close to a swan in flight? Do they all sound like they are in serious respiratory distress while in flight?

    1. I have heard them from the ground. Their breathing is fine. They aren’t in any distress. Interestingly, you can hear their wings flap… which is actually pretty cool.

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