How Does An Owl Hide?

Great Gray Owl Avoidance Behavior from Sparky Stensaas on Vimeo.

Great gray owls (Strix nebulosa) live in coniferous forests and taiga of the North.  Their year-round range extends into upper Minnesota where this one was filmed in March.

In the video you'll see two clips of the owl avoiding detection by two other species: a bald eagle and a raven.

It's hard to imagine a large owl being afraid of anything, but he's actually 15% smaller than a great horned owl.  He appears large because of his fluffy feathers.

In March he has a special reason for remaining hidden.  His nest is probably nearby.

Watch how the owl "gets skinny" to avoid being seen.

(Click here for more information on this video by Sparky Stensaas, Photonaturalist>)

3 thoughts on “How Does An Owl Hide?

  1. Incredibly beautiful. Nature has wonderful ways of keeping animals hidden fron their predators! And the music is haunting.
    Thank You so much for enriching our world. Kat

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