Dec 08 2012

Hey! Look At Me!

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Here's an Asian pheasant, a Temminck's tragopan, that normally looks vermillion, black, white and brown.

When he's in an amorous mood he shakes his head to begin his courtship display.  Two long blue horns pop up from his head and the small blue patch under his chin drops down to reveal an intricate iridescent blue lappet.

He opens his wings, puffs his body, and continues to shake his head to perfect his display.

And just in case his lady doesn't notice, he clacks his beak.

Look at me!

Click here to see another Temminck's tragopan with an even bigger, better lappet.  In a contest between the two, I bet the ladies will pick the guy with the bigger bib.

(video from YouTube)


p.s. The name "tragopan" has an interesting origin:  Trago is the Greek work for goat, Pan is the Greek god of the wild whose shape is half man, half goat.

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