Jan 20 2013

Wind Effect

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As I write this morning before dawn, the wind is whipping around the house as a winter storm approaches from the west.

If I was at the roof peak I’d be blown away.  The wind is even faster up there (see red lines at top) where it converges to clear the house.

Outside my window on the downwind side, the air is swirling in updrafts like the turquoise lines at left.

I suppose I could find a few calm spots within the swirls if I went outdoors to experiment, but it’s not worth it.  At particularly gusty moments I hear garbage cans rattle down the alley in the dark.

(diagram by Barani on Wikimedia Commons.  Click the image to see the original)

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3 Responses to “Wind Effect”

  1. George Bercikon 20 Jan 2013 at 10:43 am

    Congratulations Kate, I do believe you’ve hit upon the secret of heavier-than- air flight,and a principle of fluid mechanics. You possess wonderful powers of observation.

  2. Kate St. Johnon 20 Jan 2013 at 10:47 am

    Fortunately my roof doesn’t want to lift off!

  3. Geneon 20 Jan 2013 at 7:32 pm

    Great graph of how air pressure can very as air flows over and around a house.

    Instead of turning on the AC on a warm Spring day one can open a couple of windows that have different pressures and walla! you have nice fresh air flow. Experiment this Spring and save on the electric bill. Your curtains will tell you if you have the correct windows open. One window will be bringing in air while the other is letting the air out. And the added bonus is you will hear your favorite birds singing too!

    Come Spring come!

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