Feb 18 2013

Making The Snow Fly

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Red-tailed hawk in snow, Schenley Park (photo by Gregory Diskin)

If you have to sit outdoors in winter, you're bound to get snowed on.

Last month during a particularly wet snowfall, Gregg Diskin found this red-tailed hawk perched in Schenley Park.  The bird was trying to stay warm and dry but it was a challenge.  His feathers were wet and his feet were getting cold.

See how he's tucked one foot into his breast feathers?  It looks like he's holding his coat closed.  Brrrrr!

Fortunately feathers are very good insulation.  You don't realize how well they work until the hawk scratches his head.

Watch the snow fly!

Red-tailed hawk makes the snow fly (photo by Gregory Diskin)

(photos by Gregory Diskin)

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  1. Markon 19 Feb 2013 at 8:24 pm

    I saw a red tailed hawk twice on my way home from work. The one day i have my camera its not there.

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