The Lady Is Bald?

Female red-bellied woodpecker (photo by Dan Dugan)

Here's an unusual view of a female red-bellied woodpecker.

Normally we see her from the side and notice her black-and-white back and overall paleness.  But from the top, and in bluish light, the gap in her red helmet almost makes her look bald.

Here's her male counterpart.  No doubt about his red head!

Male red-bellied woodpecker (photo by Dan Dugan)


Watch for their mating ritual this month as they engage in "mutual tapping" on the tree they've chosen for their nest.

Thanks to Dan Dugan for this unusual look at a common bird.


(photos by Dan Dugan)

One thought on “The Lady Is Bald?

  1. The most red I’ve ever seen on the belly of this species. For a long time, I thought it to be non-existent, and misnamed.

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