It’s My Turn!

At the Pitt peregrine nest, E2 is sometimes so eager to incubate the eggs that he won't get up when Dorothy arrives to relieve him.

If E2 stays put and Dorothy's not in a hurry she'll wait as much as 15 minutes.  Last year she fell asleep while she was waiting!

To get him moving she "talks" and walks around him.  If he's really stubborn she pokes him with her beak.

@PittPeregrines created videos of this parental bargaining using the webcam snapshots:  Stubborn E2, above, and Nest Exchanges, below.  E2 doesn't dare to poke Dorothy but he's persistent about taking his turn.


In a week or so Dorothy will take command and hardly allow E2 any time on the eggs.  That's because she's in charge of hatching, expected around Earth Day.  Visit the Pittsburgh Falconuts Facebook page to vote on the day you think the eggs will hatch.


(videos by @PittPeregrines on YouTube)

5 thoughts on “It’s My Turn!

  1. What a pair! up in Rochester could learn a thing or two from E2! 😉 Dorothy gets so spoiled while her daughter Beauty gets only the occasion hello.

  2. Yes, is quite the cad. He fought off another tercel earlier this season but since then, like last year, shows more attention to Piggot, a female that has taken up residence in a suburb south of city center. This all seemed to start when the Kodak Office site was taken down for exterior building maintenance several years ago.

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