Videos of First Hatchling at Pitt

Thanks to @PittPeregines we have video of the first peregrine hatchling at the Cathedral of Learning

The video above shows the time from first pip (hole) in the shell until the chick hatches and dries out, white and fluffy beneath Dorothy's breast.

The video below shows the first feeding and E2 arriving to meet the chick and spend some time with it.

Follow @KStJBirdblog (me) and @PittPeregrines (Dorothy & E2) on Twitter for updates.


(videos by @PittPeregrines constructed from National Aviary falconcam snapshots)

7 thoughts on “Videos of First Hatchling at Pitt

  1. Great videos, thanks!
    Of course, hatch day has to be one of only 45% of the yearly sunny days in Pittsburgh! An overcast sky would have made the viewing much better!

    1. Joann, it’s possible that the small one (chick#2) did pass away. He will certainly have a very short life. I’ve been looking hard at him for more than a day and have reached the conclusion that he has a developmental problem. His movements are odd and uncoordinated. He moves (almost rolls) away from Dorothy and out of the nest. This is not normal and a dangerous activity for a chick this young. Dorothy has tried to move him back but there must be something odd about him that puzzles her. (I’ve seen that look on her face.) Chick#1 is just fine.

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