Jan 12 2014

Let’s Get Tropical

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Amazon kingfisher, Costa Rica (photo by Charlie Hickey)

Tired of the weather yo-yo?  Let's get tropical.

Here's a southern hemisphere bird that ranges from Mexico to Argentina.  She closely resembles the belted kingfisher, is virtually the same size, and has the same hunting habits.

But she's green.  Her genus is Chloroceryle whereas the belted kingfisher's genus is Megaceryle.

Amazon kingfishers (Chloroceryle amazona) are sexually dimorphic and follow the dimorphism of most birds -- the male is more colorful than the female.  This one is female.  The males have rust color on their breasts. Click here to see a male Amazon kingfisher.

Belted kingfishers are backwards -- the males are less colorful while the females have rust color on their breasts.  Click here to see a male, and here for a female.

This Amazon kingfisher was perched over water during Charlie Hickey's fall trip to Costa Rica.  Click on his photo for a closer view of this tropical bird.


(photo by Charlie Hickey)

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  1. Robon 12 Jan 2014 at 10:07 am

    There was an Amazon Kingfisher in Texas in November,


    and this happened right during the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival.

    An estimated 700 people got to see this bird.

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