Jan 25 2014

This Is Getting Old

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White-throated sparrow in cold and snow (photo by Steve Gosser)

Unseasonably cold weather continues in Pittsburgh though we’ll have a “heat wave” of 26oF today while it’s snowing 2-4 inches.  Then the temperature will dip to -7oF by Monday night.  Erf!

When Steve Gosser posted this white-throated sparrow on Facebook, many remarked that the bird is fluffed up and frowning!  It looks like he’s tired of winter.

I agree.

“This is getting old.”

(photo by Steve Gosser)

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  1. Bonnie Jeanneon 25 Jan 2014 at 2:08 pm

    Birds have such a way of looking totally put out. I can’t help wondering if the expression “flip someone the bird” bears some of its use to the angry bird scowl.

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