On WQED-TV Thursday June 5, 9:30pm

Kate St. John, March 2014 (photo by Thomas Moeller)Earthflight finale (screenshot from PBS Nature, Eartflight)

It's fund raising season and WQED has some special pledge shows coming up.

This Thursday June 5 at 9:30pm we'll rebroadcast Earthflight's Season 1 Finale, a look behind the scenes at the making of the series that flew with the birds.  How did the cameras follow them so closely?  Watch and see.

I'll be on TV during the pledge breaks, talking about birds and our special relationships with them.

Tune in early at 8:00pm to see Rick Sebak's new special: A History of Pittsburgh in 17 Objects.

He'll be a hard act to follow! 😉

(photo of Kate St. John by Tom Moeller, screenshot of Earthflight Season 1 Finale from PBS NATURE)


2 thoughts on “On WQED-TV Thursday June 5, 9:30pm

  1. Thanks Kate we will be watching for you and interesting programs, How did they do that. Along with “Mr. Pittsburgh”. How can Rick possibly find some new around Pittsburgh after 25 plus years of filming? “Something to crow about” as you say.

  2. I saw you on TV tonight, June 5. Everybody and everything was just beautiful, including you and that Vulture – who was actually pretty cute for a vulture. A very interesting show. Thanks so much!

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