Jun 14 2014

New Bird In Town

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Juvenile European starling (photo by Em?ke Dénes from Wikimedia Commons)

There's a new bird in town with a brown body, faint stripes on his brown chest, black beak, black eye, and a little black mask.

What is he?  A juvenile starling.

He's confusing because he's not in the bird guide unless you know to look for starlings.  He doesn't look like his parents but his behavior is the same as theirs.  The big hint to his identify, if he's still at the begging stage, is that he won't leave his parents alone.

You can hear him begging, "Churrrr, churrrr, churrrr."

Click here for a story about him that I wrote in 2010.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons. Click on the image to see the original.)

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  1. Tom Pon 14 Jun 2014 at 8:40 am

    They can be very tame at this stage.

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