Winter Solstice

Song sparrow (photo by Marcy Cunkelman)Here we are at the shortest day of the year – at last.  Much as I like winter, it’s a relief to know the days will be getting longer again.  Winter in Pittsburgh is usually overcast so we welcome all the sun we can get!

Interestingly, daylight is not going to increase evenly at both ends of the day.  Sunrise will make no significant change until January 22.  In fact it will move three minutes later, chopping away at the front of the day.  Meanwhile sunset will gain a few seconds tomorrow.  By January 6 it will add a minute per day. 

If you are outdoors in the morning it will feel like nothing has changed.  If you are out in the evening, the days will seem longer.  Birds are outside all the time so they’re the first to tell us about the change in light.

In early January, especially on sunny days, the song sparrows start to sing.  Marcy Cunkelman photographed this little guy on a sunny day last winter.  The sun looks so nice on the snow I’ll bet he sang a little. 

I’m certainly looking forward to the first song of the new year.  It won’t be long now.

One thought on “Winter Solstice

  1. Hi Kate!
    Yes, I’m looking forward to an extra minute each day!
    I’m a morning person, so that will be a welcome change 🙂

    > I’m certainly looking forward to the first song of the new year.

    I heard a beautiful Robin singing at dusk last night while riding my bicycle!
    What a beautiful sound!!

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