Peregrine Dynasty

Peregrine pair at Allegheny River bridge (photo by Dan Yagusic)Thursday afternoon I got a call from Dan Yagusic as he watched and photographed this pair of peregrine falcons at the Allegheny River.  He discovered them nesting on the bridge last spring and was able to read the female’s bands but the identity of the male remained a mystery – until that moment.

The light was just right and the male peregrine stood so that Dan could read the band:  Black/Green *4/*5. 

He called me right away.

I am so addicted to peregrines that I keep track of all the pairs nesting in Pittsburgh and the whereabouts of their offspring.  This bird had been on my list for a year and I could hardly wait to find out where he was born.

At first I assumed he’d come from the midwest but none of those states has a Black *4. 

The asterisk (*) means the number is lying on its side so you have to put your head on your left shoulder to read it.  Not only was the Black *4 on its side but the Green *5 was too.

I was about to contact the experts when I thought to check my own list.  Oh my!  This bird was born at the Gulf Tower in Pittsburgh.  Ooops!  See the update below.


Update, July 3, 2008:  Careful record checking has revealed that my own list was wrong – I had flipped the numbers.  The male peregrine came from a much more interesting place than the Gulf Tower.  He was born under a shrub on the 32nd floor garden of the President’s office, Federal Reserve Bank, Boston, Massachusetts.  So he isn’t Dorothy & Erie’s grandson.  Amazing that he came all the way from Boston!

One thought on “Peregrine Dynasty

  1. Katie,
    A coworker pointed out your article in the PPG today and it was really great to see mentioned the bridges about the Ohio River. My husband and I live in Monaca in Beaver County along the Ohio river. We live very close to a bridge that is believed to be housing Peregrine Falcons. I have two pictures of what I believe are the baby Falcons taken months ago. Can I send them to you so you can take a look and give us your “expert” opinion?

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