It feels like March

Dorothy, the adult female Peregrine at Univ of Pittsburgh (photo by Pat Szczepanski)This morning the sky is blue, the sun is shining, the wind is out of the south and the temperature will be above freezing for the first time in weeks.  45oF! 

For the past few days I haven’t walked to work so I felt the need to put some mileage on my feet when I got off the bus at Forbes and Craig this morning.  On such a fine day why not walk over to Pitt and see what the peregrines are doing? 

I studied the Cathedral of Learning through my binoculars right away but I didn’t see anything.  Just as I reached Dippy the dinosaur statue I saw a peregrine flying around the 30th floor.  He was soaring and flapping his wing tips in territorial flight.  And he seemed happy.

It was E2.  He had delivered breakfast to Dorothy at their “dining ledge.”  Then he flew around the building, gained altitude and settled high on the corner of the 40th floor to watch her eat.

It almost feels like March:  Peregrine courtship time.

(photo by Pat Szczepanski of Dorothy, the female peregrine falcon at the University of Pittsburgh)

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