Adult peregrine falcon carrying prey (photo by Kim Steininger)


Today was a great day for Fledge Watch at Schenley Plaza.

The weather was good, the chicks walked the nest rail and the parents flew nicely for us.  Well actually they flew for their own reasons, but it was nice.  Best of all we got to see Dorothy and E2 fly acrobatic maneuvers, bring prey and feed the chicks.

Morning shift (before work):  All four chicks waited on the nestrail while both parents were out hunting.  E2 arrived with heavy prey in his talons and flapped hard to bring it up to the nest area.  He and the four “kids” ate breakfast, then Dorothy arrived with more food.  “Incoming!”  They weren’t hungry so she cached it for a later meal.  Suddenly E2 kakked and dive-bombed the roof while the chicks cowered.  He saw something dangerous but it went away and he calmed down.  Still, he gave me a start! – and I was late for work.

Midday shift (lunchtime):  The chicks flapped a lot and the parents flew in great acrobatic demonstrations.  This inspired the “kids” to flap even more, but no one fledged.

Evening shift (after work):  What a crowd we had tonight!  I had so much fun I stayed until 7:45pm.  Again all four chicks walked and flapped but no one fledged.  At first only Dorothy was babysitting, then E2 called “Incoming!” and arrived with dinner.  Rather than drop it off, he and Dorothy did a mid-air prey exchange.  While she and the chicks ate he loafed on the lightning rod until he saw a pigeon he thought might be tasty.  He stooped off the building like a shot, the pigeon flew an evasive maneuver, put on a burst of speed and got away.  Wow!  I don’t know about the pigeon’s heart but ours were racing! 

Thank you to everyone who came to the tent.  It’s been great to meet you and fun to watch peregrines with you.  

Come to Fledge Watch at the tent.  Maybe they’ll fly tomorrow!

(photo by Kim Steininger)

12 thoughts on “Incoming!

  1. I think the teens at the Gulf Tower are flying now. Yesterday (June 4th) I kept seeing flashes of brown outside my window and very close!!! (I work in the USX Tower)

    Couple of times they came very close and perched up on the ledge of the 38th floor .. it was so cool!!

  2. Oh how I would have loved to see all that.
    They are astounding parenting. Alot of people could take lessons from that kind of caring. Thank you again for sharing all your knowledge of these wonderful creatures. Faith

  3. 7am 6/5. Saw 3 chicks & 1 parent in nest, maybe all 4. Hope they get in the niches again for the AM audience. Looked like they were eating themselves, altho hard to tell. Maybe 1 parent feeding one of them. Little beggars. Flapping in nest, 1 on rail. Active this AM.

  4. 7:28 wondering what you are seeing, 2 chicks in nest, heads practicallly on swivels, Lookking up at top of bldg. I guess, then down and all arouind. They are very curious about something.

  5. It’s been a real pleasure watching the webcams. I’ve sent the link to friends everywhere. However…in my dictionary “fledge” means to develop feathers. You seem to be using it instead of “fly”.

  6. Very cold and gray out at the tent this morning. I was the only person there – and no surprise – I had to wear polarlite and earmuffs to stay warm. E2 brought food & they all ate at the nest. Then one hopped up on the nestrail. No other activity yet. I hope it warms up by lunchtime.

  7. Today at the GT one of the girls must have decided to stay near the nest-she has been perched on top of the nest box most of the morning with occasionally going out to the ledge. Louie has twice flown into the nest & keeps looking for his kids-earlier this morning his daughter flew down from the perch on top of the nest box & came up behind him. He bowed to her & she did the same & then he took off but he’s back now looking for them again-it didn’t look like he bought food with him & his daughter is just ignoring him-it did look like he was calling for them but since there is no sound I don’t know if she answered him or not but it is kind of funny watching him looking around & cocking his head as if he is listening for an answer from them.

  8. I’m sitting here @ work, glanced outside and I can clearly see the 2 juvies noodling around on the top ball of the Gulf Tower and on the ledge right above the blinking light. Pretty cool

  9. I’m sitting here at my desk and I can clearly see the 2 juvies noodling around on the top ball of he Gulf Tower. Sometimes they are on the wires at the very top and sometimes they’re sitting on the ledge right by the blinky light.

    Very very cool.

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