Summer Blockbusters

The major studios have come out with their summer action flicks.  Now I have one too.

Nine weeks ago I spent my lunch hours at Schenley Plaza waiting for the peregrines to fledge at the University of Pittsburgh.  On June 2nd WQED’s Web intern, Christa Majoras, came to Fledge Watch with a video camera and recorded the event.  Then she edited it into a short video which I’ve saved as a treat for you today.  (OK, I’ll admit it.  I didn’t have time until now to learn the Flash plug-in.)

Click the Play button above to see the results.  If you don’t know what I look like, now you will.  I’m the one with the hat and sunglasses who’s talking all the time.

Special thanks to Linda, Libby and Betsy for being part of this video.

p.s. for after the movie:  The Jersey shore is only part of the answer.  They also go here.

p.p.s.  See the new Peregrine FAQ on fledge watching.


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8 thoughts on “Summer Blockbusters

  1. Hi, Kate–Great video! I hope to retire in 3 years and making a trip to Pittsburgh to watch the peregrines during fledge time is one of the things on my “TO DO IN RETIREMENT” list! Kathy

  2. As one of the “stars” of your video, I too enjoyed it, of course. I have just emailed friend Betsy to be sure to watch it. That was such a fun day, even tho we didn’t see any fledging. It was just great to get to view the scene, so i could picture it in my mind whenever Kate talked about the Cathedral of Learning & its occupants.

  3. Thank you Kate and Ladies of WQED, this is a great video! I had to laugh–I spent some timme at the Jersey Shore as a juvenile, too! Hope they had fun. Take care, all and thanks for all you do.

  4. I am the Linda of the video and I thank you for rekindling fine memories of that great day. So nice to meet you.

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