Winter beauty

Latodami Field, North Park, 29-Nov-09 (photo by Dianne Machesney)
Winter in Pittsburgh is mild compared to Pennsylvania’s northern and mountainous regions. 

Yesterday it snowed but didn’t stick – at least in my neighborhood.  We usually don’t have snow cover in the city until late December, and then it’s likely to melt.  Even so, a snowless winter can be beautiful when the sun shines, as it will today. 

Here’s a photo Dianne Machesney took a week ago at Latodami’s upper field in North Park.  The muted browns of winter have a special kind of beauty.

(photo by Dianne Machesney)

3 thoughts on “Winter beauty

  1. I agree, about the special beauty of winter’s muted colors, especially when the sun is shining. Sometimes the trees take on a mauve — purplish — hue. And I like being able to see the shapes of trees against the sky, which you can’t detect when they are covered with leaves. The branching trees are especially beautiful when backlighted by a sunset.

  2. Several things I like about Winter trees are seeing all of the evergreens in among the bare tree limbs (especially driving through the mountains), and seeing the sycamores among the other trees…they really stand out, and are beautiful when you get stands of them growing together. Chartiers creek has some great stands of sycamores, and there are other places in Washington county with a lot of sycamores (and into West Virginia and Ohio, where there is water nearby).

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