Anatomy: Malar Stripe

Peregrine falcon, Dorothy, illustrating malar stripe (photo by Pat Szczepanski)After last week’s foray into the subject of coverts I’m happy to shift gears and talk about peregrines again.

Today’s anatomy lesson is a feature that often distinguishes falcons from other birds.  Many falcons, especially peregrines, have an obvious malar stripe

Malar means cheekbone so the malar stripe is a stripe on the bird’s cheek.  I’ve illustrated it here with a red arrow pointing to Dorothy’s malar stripe.

Easy.  Much easier than coverts.

(photo of Dorothy, the female peregrine falcon at the University of Pittsburgh by Pat Szczepanski, altered to indicate the malar stripe.)



2 thoughts on “Anatomy: Malar Stripe

  1. Just look at that sweet face. I love her eyes! I think she might be saying, “Yes, this *is* my better side.” She is ready for her close-up.

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