Just checking

Traci Darin noticed activity at the Gulf Tower peregrine nest around midnight Saturday and sent me this photo.

She wrote,  “I’m up late getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow and heard the (peregrine) kids yammering – it’s around 11:30pm and fireworks are going off.  I captured this shot, I believe of Dori.  She popped into the nest box, then jumped to the pillar to the left foreground, then disappeared.  The remaining kids in the nest went back to sleep.  Very similar to what I’ve done with my son when a storm or loud noise has woken him…rather amazing.”

How cool to see peregrine mothers react the same way human mothers do. 

When there’s a loud noise, check on the kids!

(photo from the National Aviary webcam at the Gulf Tower, captured by Traci Darin)

4 thoughts on “Just checking

  1. How sweet! It’s amazing how Louie and Dori can keep track of all 5 now that they are moving. Oakland seems a lot easier to me than trying to track them in downtown where there are so many more places to hide!
    Thanks to Traci for the photo and for keeping an eye on the kids late at night!

  2. Just witnessed a “food fight” at the GT. Lots of wing batting and squawking and the aggressor won the meal (who was not the one that caught the meal). The one that is sitting on the ledge seems to have a left wing droop. Is this natural in falcons of this age?

  3. Yes, they are such babies that they don’t always fold their wings over their backs. ALSO, they droop their wings to attract the attention of their parents in hopes of getting a meal.

  4. How typical of kids!! Like a human child faking a fever so he doesn’t have to go to school!! 🙂

    Well, none are starving, that’s for sure!! The Gulf story has been such an amazing one – who thought that all five would hatch let alone grow into such glorious, healthy young birds? I hope they live long and well. I will miss them deeply when they are gone.

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