While I was watching shorebirds in South Lubec, Maine, Steve Gosser was photographing them in Conneaut, Ohio. 

Remember how I said that peeps sometimes head-butt sanderlings?  Well, apparently sanderlings aren’t above fighting with each other.  Steve caught them in the act.

Bellicose little birds!

(photo by Steve Gosser)

One thought on “Bellicose

  1. i’ve noticed that when sanderlings first arrive in the late summer for their winter stay at the jersey shore, they are often found in flocks of a decent size. they mostly move in sync with the ebb and flow of each wave and not much antagonistic behavoir is observed. as they settle in, they seem to seek out their own little foraging spots. that’s when i tend to see them get territorial. it’s pretty cute actually to see these little guys hulk up there shoulders (to look big, i guess) scoot around and chase off their fellow species. i often wonder if they wouldn’t do better conserving their energy and sharing the bounty, but i’m not a sanderling. i certainly appreciate my alone time. maybe they do also.

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