Third Egg at Pitt

Dorothy conveniently laid her third egg this morning while everyone was watching from their computers so we received up-to-the-minute reports from her fans. 

Here she is with all three eggs. 

Watch Dorothy at the Cathedral of Learning — and her counterpart Dori at the Gulf Tower — on the National Aviary webcams.

When you watch Dorothy you’ll notice that she incubates the eggs now.  This is likely to be her next-to-last egg, though she may surprise us.  (Actually, she seems to enjoy overturning all my predictions!)

We’ll just have to wait and see.

(photo from the National Aviary webcam at the Cathedral of Learning)

8 thoughts on “Third Egg at Pitt

  1. Well, not quite “everyone” was watching. I’ve been pretty lucky to catch the others though. It’s nice of Dorothy to spread these out so by the end of the clutch everyone will have had a chance to see a new egg. Go Dorothy!

  2. This isn’t next to last, as I type this, she’s not in the nest, just 3 eggs there….So, I Think, 4th egg will be next to last….

  3. They’re not on the nest because something agitated them and they are both flying around. Perhaps a 3rd peregrine. Perhaps another raptor.

  4. Sometimes you won’t see them on the nest today because it is very hot up there. When the eggs are in full sun the adults spread their wings and shade the eggs. When the eggs are in shade the adults can afford to leave them for a while in warm weather.

  5. They’re not single file anymore. And it looks like Dorothy isn’t even waiting until the eggs hatch to let the nest get messy this year.

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