Now Blooming: Snow Trillium

Despite the cold snap, here’s a happy sign of spring.

Yesterday the Botanical Society of Western PA hiked in the southeastern corner of Allegheny County and found snow trillium in bloom. 

Snow trillum (Trillium nivale) is a small plant only 2-4″ tall that is so hardy it will even bloom in snow.  It’s quite rare throughout its range and is considered vulnerable in Pennsylvania because it requires undisturbed habitat.  Logging and mining threaten its existence.

This data sheet about snow trillium indicates it only occurs in our corner of the state. 

We are lucky to have it.

(photo by Dianne Machesney)

2 thoughts on “Now Blooming: Snow Trillium

  1. I recently (Monday April 8 2013) saw snow trillium in Cedar Creek park, off rt 51 near intersection of rt 70.
    I told a friend who has been wanting to see it for years, and she came all the way from New York to see it, only to find it is already past.
    Could you please tell me where you saw it so w can see if it is still in peak bloom? Would love to get a few photos. Thank you, Lori K
    PS my friend is only here for the day tomorrow Sunday April 14 and we want to take another hike to look for it.
    thanks so much

    1. I suspect the Snow Trillium is past its peak. I have not seen it this year. I hear it was at Cedar Creek last weekend but a lot of time has passed. It doesn’t last very long.

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