Looking For Cars

Early this month I spent six days in Nevada and never saw a roadrunner.  It was the one disappointment of my trip.

To compensate, Steve Valasek sent me photos of the roadrunners near his home in New Mexico. 

What does a roadrunner do before he crosses the road?  He looks for cars.  😉

(photo by Steve Valasek. Click on the photo to see his roadrunner series.)

8 thoughts on “Looking For Cars

  1. When Dan and I got to spend some time in Arizona, we NEVER saw one either. We wanted to see one, since he is an Indiana Road Runner….(he’s a runner.) Flying down the road, we saw Burrowing Owls on tombstone markers and other birds, but no RR…..beep..BEEP!

    Sometimes I think the Brown Thrashers look like RR, esp when they are eating seed under the shrubs along the driveway…

  2. I didn’t know that you didn’t see any on your trip. My advice would have been to hang out at a Sonic drive-in or some other parking lot. I’ve only seen 1 or 2 that haven’t been on pavement.

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