Peregrine News, mid-July

So far it’s been an eventful summer for Pittsburgh’s young peregrines.  Here’s the latest news.

Yesterday morning Karen Lang saw the entire Pitt peregrine family near the Cathedral of Learning.  Dorothy and E2 fledged four youngsters this spring but they are now down to two:  the young male and one of his three sisters.   I believe only one sister remains because Yellow died July 4 in a window kill on Henry Street and one juvenile has been missing since June 7.  

We feel lucky to see both youngsters at this point, but I’m sure it’s because the male (“Red”) is still recovering from the concussion he received from his July 6 window accident at Henry Street.   Dorothy and E2 bring him food which prompts his sister to hang around for a handout.   Her loud begging makes the family easy to find.

Red’s injury gained him a new name.  Karen Lang calls him Henry because the biggest event in his life (so far) occurred on Henry Street.   Fortunately the accident was not too serious and Henry’s parents are helping him recover.  It will be several weeks before he’s back in top condition.

Meanwhile, I just learned yesterday that one of the female youngsters at the Gulf Tower (black tape on USFW band) was injured at Macy’s on July 1 and is now in rehab.  If history is any guide, she’ll be there for a couple of months.

And finally, four nestlings were banded at the Monaca-East Rochester Bridge this spring — three males, one female.  The family was present at the bridge when Mark Vass checked on them in mid-June.

No news from the other bridges … yet.

(photo of a juvenile peregrine by Kim Steininger)

7 thoughts on “Peregrine News, mid-July

  1. Thanks for the somewhat bittersweet update, Kate. Hope that “Henry” continues to improve and “Black” does well with her rehab.

  2. Not to conflict with Karen or anything, but I think of “Henry” as “Sid” another Pittsburgh bird with a head injury.

  3. Hi Kate–Perhaps I missed a response, but after Henry/Sid hit the window at SEI, someone asked if CMU was taking responsibility or making changes. Is there any update?

    My husband and I live near CMU and deal with student IR-responsibility almost daily. Officials seem to be trying to reduce it, but it may be a PR reaction. There is a meeting on 7-19 about expanded on-campus student housing (add’l dorms in the area).

    I will copy these two blog entries and take them with us. Perhaps they can be referred upward to someone who can actually make a decision? Is there an emoticon for I-hope-but-I-don’t-believe?


  4. Anne, I have been in touch with CMU Facilities Management and they’re looking into the options and cost of making the SEI windows bird-safe. I believe it will take a while to figure this out & get it done because it will change the look of the building and it will cost money … probably a lot of money.

    Meanwhile, I’ve suggested that they discourage people from feeding the birds/etc in that block of Henry Street. If the pigeons don’t flock there, the peregrines won’t hunt there. This is an easy fix. Businesses don’t like flocks of pigeons on their doorsteps anyway.

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