Peregrine Dive

Lynne Hyatt sent me a link to this video of a sky-diving peregrine from the BBC’s Inside the Perfect Predator.

I think you’ll enjoy it.

p.s. Since I work for television I’ll admit I spent some time thinking about how they got the video footage and how they edited it. Why are buildings and street grids tiny in some shots (was the bird at 20,00 feet?) and normal in others?  Did they use animation?

(video from YouTube and the BBC Video)

4 thoughts on “Peregrine Dive

  1. Cool. Looks like they did use animation, but it still was entertaining. Interesting to me was the “200 miles per hour” reference — don’t they use the metric system over there? Was this made for export to the US? Hmm.

  2. Britain is an odd mix. Road signs must be in miles. Other things they have switched to metric. More complicated than I realized once I double checked the Wikipedia entry on imperial units before I commented.

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