Is It Spring?

By yesterday at lunchtime, Karen Lang and I began to worry because we hadn’t seen either of the Pitt peregrines all week. Had something gone wrong?

No.  After work I pulled motion detection images from the snapshot camera and found out our pair had been courting at the nest at 4:00pm.

Here’s the photo sequence from yesterday afternoon.

E2 saunters into the nest area.

“Dorothy, come here!”

As Dorothy arrives, E2 bows.

Dorothy bows low.

As usual, E2 leaves first.  

Courtship! Is it spring?

(photos from the National Aviary snapshot camera at the University of Pittsburgh)

5 thoughts on “Is It Spring?

  1. I like the caption “Dorothy! Come here!” hahaha!

    I caught them yesterday too on the video cam… always nice to see them. Thanks Kate!

  2. I’m glad they’re doing well!

    But the first crow of the season decided to make its way to the trees behind my apartment yesterday, so it’s definitely fall. I can only assume that in the next few weeks, there will be hundreds again…

  3. It’s august in ga we had a red oak blow down a year ago
    Now after a year of laying and 4 days of rain we cut and split and now the 1/2 layer of bark has fox fire. Crazy hunted since 7 years old I’m 27 now and never seen it till tonight

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