2 thoughts on “Morning Glow at the Bosque

  1. I’ve been seeing lots and lots of Sandhill Cranes in the city. I saw about 30 last weekend at one spot and a few others near the Rio Grande Nature Center. Here’s a link to a pic, and there are some others there too. We took my father in law there on Friday and got to see a Roadrunner, the first in months. I’ve been seeing some zone-tailed hawks around, and one that was being bothered by a crow. I haven’t been down to Bosque Del Apache yet, but I think that a trip is due soon. The weather has been great, 60s and Sunny, which is t-shirt weather in the Sun.


  2. Interesting photo, Kim. Was this at the crane polls? in the AM?

    I’ve been there twice. Awesome place to visit. Prime time for the Sandhill cranes and Snow geese is November and December. Lots of other wildlife to photograph as well. Can’t wait to go back.

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