First Peregrine Egg at Pitt

Dorothy laid her first egg last night at approximately 12:55am.  I was asleep but learned the time thanks to @BurghFan_OS who reported it on Twitter.

This morning I saw the egg briefly at 5:00am but was unable to capture a nice picture of it because Dorothy stepped off the perch to stand over it … and fall asleep.

It took a long time to capture a picture.  I watched her for two hours to get this one!

Happy egg!  Happy First Day of Spring!

Later, 7:44am:

E2 brought Dorothy some breakfast and is guarding the egg while she eats.

(photo from the National Aviary falconcam at University of Pittsburgh)

12 thoughts on “First Peregrine Egg at Pitt

  1. This is so great, woke up this AM around 1:15 PM & stayed up until I saw egg also. Went back to sleep knowing we will all be foster parents or grandparents out here. Ah Spring!!!!

  2. What a way to celebrate spring! Great Dorothy and E2 and I almost lost faith in you. Now we all can watch the development of your new family!

  3. I’m @BurghFan_OS

    The CoL cam was one of several tabs I had open on my browser last night. I’d been watching Dorothy standing in the scrape doing so odd “posturing” where she’d raise hear rump high then lower it down. She seemed quite listless last night, though I could see there was no egg under her when she turned in the scrape. At around 12:50 I switched over to another tab for a few minutes. When I came back to the cam at about 12:55 she was facing towards to streaming cam and I at first didn’t see an egg but then she lifted a foot to turn and I saw the egg slide down the side of the scrape into the bottom then she looked at it for a minute then huddled over it.

  4. I agree with you, Kate on #J’s report. Way Cool. I had been watching her all weekend. She had some of the signs, but then would leave the nest. I kept thinking it would be soon.

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