News of Dori and Louie

For those of you anxious for news of our Downtown peregrines, I am now able to tell you this …

With a handful of clues and sheer luck I found Dori and Louie’s nest site last month on a Downtown building.  This month Beth Fife of the PA Game Commission confirmed they are nesting in an inaccessible spot, so inaccessible that if the young hatch successfully they cannot be banded.

Beth says all is well.  Of course, there’s no camera and it is way too late to install one.   Dori and Louie’s eggs will hatch around the same time as those at Pitt.

Why am I not telling you where they are?

As I said in an earlier post, peregrines are extremely faithful to successful nest sites but they will leave if they feel the location is no longer safe for raising their young.   Dori and Louie were already disturbed away from their original nest.  To give them peace at this site, Beth has told me not to reveal the location.

Eventually I will be able tell you the whole story with full credit to those who helped.  For now, the nest location is a secret.

Meanwhile, Ann Hohn at Make-A-Wish says that Louie comes back to visit the Gulf Tower occasionally and that his forehead is white this spring.  She thinks he had a scratch or injury that became a bald spot.

And so, this photo I posted in early March is probably Dori.

(photo by Dan Costa)

10 thoughts on “News of Dori and Louie

  1. Thanks for the update, Kate! I hope that Dori & Louie have a successful year, and since Louie is keeping an eye on the Gulf Tower site, that they return next year.

  2. Thanks so much Kate for the info. Glad they were found and have a new nest site. At this point the less who know where, the better for them. Hoping for a successful season for them.

  3. What wonderful news! I’m glad they’re in a secure location. Thank you, Kate, and thanks to Beth for confirming that they’re okay. I wonder if Dori will miss the battle of wills with Beth at banding time. 🙂

  4. That is such wonderful news, Kate. I am smiling ear to ear. With all the drama in Rochester again this year, and your sweet Beauty sitting on that month old or better egg last night, this renews hope! We will wait for the whole “scoop” to come later.


  5. So very glad to hear that Dori and Louie are still around and doing well. Will be anxious to hear how the chicks are doing also. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  6. YES!! It is so wonderful to hear that all is well with Dori and Louie! Whew; so worried that something had happened to them and hear it is good that has happened. Please keep us notified now and again about the status of their eggs/chicks. Thanks so much for the happy, happy news Kate! 🙂

  7. Thanks for the update Kate. This is wonderful news! I too, hope they will return to the Gulf next year. Will anxiously await the whole scoop!

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