Sign Of A Peregrine Fan

I Love Peregrines bumper sticker
I Love Peregrines bumper sticker


The peregrine queen of the Cathedral of Learning, Dorothy herself, inspired me recently.

I wanted a cool birthday gift for my best friend Karen, who’s a serious peregrine fan, and it had to have a peregrine on it.

Dorothy suggested, “Why not a bumper sticker that celebrates me?”

So I asked Pat Szczepanski for permission to use one of her beautiful photos of Dorothy and designed a custom bumper sticker at

Here’s the finished result.

Maybe you’d like one too?  Click here or on the image to buy one for yourself.

Dorothy says, “I’m the sign of a peregrine fan.”


(I Love Peregrines Pittsburgh bumper sticker at designed by Kate St. John. Dorothy’s photo by Pat Szczepanski)

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