Bluebird Open House

Friends who have bluebird boxes tell me it’s very common to see small groups of bluebirds checking out the nest boxes in the fall.  They aren’t going to nest, so what are they doing?  I don’t really know but I imagined …

Maybe autumn is real estate Open House time.  The bluebirds stop by each home and inspect the interior.  “Look at that carpet!”  “I like how they remodeled the kitchen.”  “The living room’s too small but the bedrooms are nice.”

Or maybe, as Marcy Cunkelman suggested, they’re asking …

“Is this where we grew up?”

(photo by Marcy Cunkelman)

3 thoughts on “Bluebird Open House

  1. great photo, Marcy — how do you do that? (must be a long range lens). I’ve had bluebirds appear in the fall, but thought perhaps it was the warmish weather reminding them of spring. I like your ideas better, Kate.

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