Love Birds

Happy Valentine’s Day!

We’re not the only ones who celebrate love this month. February is raptor courtship time.

Last year on Valentine’s Day the Decorah Eagles nestcam captured the bald eagles, “Mom and Dad”, vocalizing and mating.

This year the eagles have built a second nest that’s closer to the fish hatchery and not on camera!   At this point it’s unclear which nest the eagles will use, but they’ll certainly disappoint their 60,500 followers if they choose the off camera site.

Pittsburgh’s “falconuts” experienced that disappointment a year ago when Dori and Louie chose a new nest site Downtown.  Unfortunately it looks like the peregrines aren’t coming home to the Gulf Tower so we’re going to have another year of off-camera love birds.

(video of the Decorah Eagles via YouTube)

3 thoughts on “Love Birds

  1. love this site; watch it all season; before alot of foliage grows on the trees it is also nice to see the horses come out of that barn & some of the other activities around the bldg. A wondrous thing in the nest & good background. Makes me feel safe and able to think the earth will be OK if we just remind ourselves of all the other beings that live, love and raise offspring. Thank you again Kate for your thoughtfulness on this Valentine’s Day.

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