Spring Moves North 13 Miles A Day

Tulips blooming in Moscow (photo rom Wikimedia Commons)

25 March 2013: Snow again!  We are so ready for spring here in Pittsburgh.

The crocuses bloomed early last week but were slammed shut on Wednesday by a low of 200F.  Daffodil leaves emerged and paused.  Don’t even ask about tulips.

But Spring is south of us and it’s on its way.  There’s a rule of thumb that says Spring moves north 13 miles a day.

Here’s an easy way to watch its progress.

Journey North has a Tulip Test Garden website where observers report when leaves emerge and flowers bloom from the tulip bulbs they planted last fall. Many of the tulip gardens are student projects at elementary schools such as Della Kurtzhals’ class at Clarion Area Elementary School in Clarion, PA.

So how far away is spring?   At Providence Day School in Charlotte, NC the first tulip bloomed on March 18.   Using the rule of thumb, here’s my guess at blooming times in Pittsburgh and Clarion:

  • Pittsburgh is 372 air miles north of Charlotte so I estimate our first tulip will bloom on April 15.
  • Clarion is about 430 miles north of Charlotte so their tulips will probably bloom on April 20.

This is just an estimate. Actual blooming times may vary.  I won’t be charged like Punxsutawney Phil was for “misrepresenting spring.”  (Click here to read about the charges made against him in Hamilton, Ohio.  The comments are hilarious.)

So while your garden is covered in snow, rest assured that spring is moving north.  You can see it approaching on the Tulip Test Garden map.

(photo from Wikimedia Commons.  Click on the image to see the original)

3 thoughts on “Spring Moves North 13 Miles A Day

  1. Carol, Snow Trilliums are blooming ,at an early stage, at Little Sewickley Creek, Herminie.
    It seems as though,this year, Spring is moving North at the rate of 13-miles per fortnight.

  2. In touch with friends up and down the east coast. Communicating when same species pop, I have come up with a out 11 miles per day..give or take. Length of day rules over global warming….so far….

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