Here’s How They Did It

You may be wondering how far the eaglecam is from the Pittsburgh Hays bald eagles’ nest and how it works out there in the woods.

This video from the Pennsylvania Game Commission shows how the eaglecam was installed last December and all the gear that makes it run.

I don’t know who climbed 75 feet up the camera tree but he was surely brave!

The man on the ground arranging the solar panels and batteries is Bill Powers of PixController.  He installed Pittsburgh’s two falconcams, too.

Many thanks, Bill, for all you do!

(YouTube video from the Pennsylvania Game Commission)

1 thought on “Here’s How They Did It

  1. Many, many many thanks to Bill Powers and PixController for this and other cams he has. He has certainly enriched our lives with the wonderful animals that we can now observe in their totally wild surroundings. I have learned so much about our fellow inhabitants of our planet. And thanks to the PA Game Commission for understanding our needs to know more about who and what we live with. A big hug all around!!!!

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