Local And Vocal

Carolina chickadee (photo by Cris Hamilton)
Carolina chickadee (photo by Cris Hamilton)

24 September 2014

Chickadees don’t migrate but they’re a big help when you’re looking for migrating songbirds in late September.

Waves of warblers are still passing through Pennsylvania but they’re usually silent and hidden by leaves so you probably won’t see them … unless you listen for chickadees.

Black-capped and Carolina chickadees are vocal experts on the local scene.  They know the best places to find food and where the predators lurk.  They’re quick to alert when there’s danger. And they’re such chatterboxes! 

Visiting migrants listen for chickadees, clue into their locations and often stay with them in mixed flocks.

At this time of year don’t ignore the local, vocal birds.  They may have visitors with them.

(photo by Cris Hamilton)

p.s. Chickadees don’t migrate but the young may disperse from their birthplace.

2 thoughts on “Local And Vocal

  1. Good tip, Kate!!! Yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting at my desk, I could particularly hear the Goldfinches outside my window. While watching them for a few minutes, I saw a beautiful bird on my deck railing that I am pretty sure was an E. Phoebe. It flew within about 7 seconds.

    Then (!) I saw some movement in the leaves at the edge of the woods, perhaps 50 feet from me. At first I thought it was a squirrel climbing up through the trees. As I watched, it turned out to be a Yellow-billed Cuckoo. I didn’t have a camera, just my binoculars. I got a good 30-second look at him/her —-so spectacular. Beautiful specimen & looked very healthy. Never did get to see the tail as it turned around in the leaves and flew further into the woods. But it was a great moment in time. Made my day!!

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