Just Plain Ornery

Sharp-shinned hawk atCrooked Creek, October 2014 (photo by Steve Gosser)
Sharp-shinned hawk at Crooked Creek, fall 2014 (photo by Steve Gosser)

Throw Back Thursday (TBT):

Broad-winged hawk migration is about to peak in Pennsylvania. Perhaps it already has.

Next on the Hawk Watch docket will be lots of sharp-shinned hawks, showing off their attitude as they fly.  The peaceful camaraderie of the broad-winged kettle is not for them.  Sharpies are just plain ornery!

Read about their attitude in this September 2008 article –>  Ornery


(photo by Steve Gosser)

3 thoughts on “Just Plain Ornery

  1. I saw a Sharpie the other day at lunch time. A small flock of Killdeer took off toward the east none to happy. The Sharpie showed little interest and seemed to be focused more on his southern migration. I suppose he already had his morning meal.

    Also, speaking of migration, my observation is that there are many more Monarchs migrating this year. I hope this is true.

    1. Gene, I’ve seen a lot of monarchs too. It’s a relief to see them after a summer without any monarchs!

  2. A few days ago Debbie Kalbfleisch and I were watching a group of Killdeer at a pond in Lawrence County and they all flushed when a Sharpie strafed the pond. Several of the Killdeer then chased away the hawk. The same thing happened to a Red-tailed Hawk in Mercer county a few weeks ago.

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