Birds Take Flight Before Earthquake

Flock takes off (photo by Chuck Tague)
Flock takes off (photo by Chuck Tague)

In case you missed it early this month …

Oklahoma is a place that rarely had earthquakes until hydraulic fracking brought deep well injection to the state in 2009. Since then fracking disposal has awakened previously unknown fault lines with frequent and usually mild tremblors.

Then on 3 September at 7:02am a magnitude 5.8 earthquake struck Pawnee, 72 miles northeast of Oklahoma City as the crow flies.  And, yes, the crow flew.

The birds in the area somehow knew the earthquake was coming and took flight before it happened.  We know this because they appeared on Oklahoma City’s weather radar as an expanding cloud as much as 15 minutes before the quake!

See the radar image here and read more about birds’ extra earthquake sensors in the Washington Post.


p.s.  Residents on the ground at Pawnee weren’t so lucky. See the damage at Newson6.

(photo by Chuck Tague)

One thought on “Birds Take Flight Before Earthquake

  1. And they call them dumb animals.
    Hunting season is starting in full force here in Wisconsin including “using dogs to hunt bear”.
    Instead of “SPORT KILLING,” (some sport) observe animals and their special senses.
    Maybe we could learn to predict events that could save human life.

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