First Peregrine Egg at Pitt

Hope appreas to be looking at her first egg of 2017 (photo from National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)
Hope looking at her first egg of 2017, 15 Mar 6:35am (photo from National Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

Early this morning it looked like Hope has laid her first egg of 2017 this morning around 6:30am.  We waited for her to stand up … just to be sure.

How did I guess that she had an egg?  Because she’s lying flat on the scrape to keep it warm on this 14oF morning!

Hope is keeping something warm in the nest ... the first egg, 15 Mar 2017 (photo from the Naitonal Aviary snapshot cam at Univ of Pittsburgh)
Hope is keeping something warm in the nest … the first egg, 15 Mar 2017 (photo from the Naitonal Aviary snapshot cam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

Click here to watch her on the National Aviary falconcam at the Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh.


(photo from National Aviary falconcam at Univ. of Pittsburgh)

49 thoughts on “First Peregrine Egg at Pitt

  1. I saw the egg this morning. I took a screenshot of it but am too stupid to figure out how to post it here. Super excited!

  2. Hello Kate,
    Your server was not reachable a couple of hours ago, and since it’s come back, I’m not seeing an image from the CL snapshot camera. GT snapshot is fine. Wasn’t sure if you knew about it.

  3. there is a lot we do not know about nature and it is not as simple as it seems . there are always reasons why they do what they do. but that is the mystery of nature

  4. I was also starting to get concerned because Terzo hasn’t been around since Monday evening, but he finally showed up today at 13:54 cam time and him and Hope have been bowing and chirping over the new egg for at least 4 minutes now!

  5. for the past fifteen minutes (1:55-present) Terzo and hope have been having an earnest conversation at the nest with the egg between them. “Who is going to sit on this?”

  6. Since 1:55 they continue to have loud conversation with egg between them…this lasted fifteen minutes. Now Terzo comes and goes but Hope is still just staring at the egg but not sitting on it. If it is as cold in PGH as it is in rochester, that little egg will turn into eggcicle! I hear Terzo screeching and wonder if there is another peregrine out there somewhere….

    Saga continues. Perhaps Hope is yelling that it is his turn to sit on the egg!

    1. Hello all, there are only 2 peregrines at Pitt right now. Hope continues to shout at Terzo whenever he perches above her & looks at her. I have no idea why she shouts so much. She is unusual in many ways.

    2. This is a unusual question but can people at the University hear her calling out. She’s so loud. I love watching them just curious.

  7. They were off the egg for over 40 minutes….how long in cold weather before it may not be viable (freeze)? Does anyone know?

    1. Jo, until they begun incubation (which will be several days from now) they can be off the egg just as long as it doesn’t freeze. How long that freezing is so variable (starting temperature of the egg,, microclimate in the scrape, sunshine, wind, etc., etc.). No one can answer that question.

  8. Nicole – I work in the Cathedral, and I could hear them loud and clear. It prompted me to check out the live stream to see what was going on.

  9. I’ve been watching the gulf tower nest on the snapshot cam (CL snapshot cam is up again also) and I think I might have seen 4 eggs while Dori was standing over them after the exchange just now. It’s hard to be sure since I didn’t see them without one of the parents standing over them.

    1. Mary Ann, I’ve heard that there are indeed 4 eggs, seen around 10:20 this morning. Eventually I’ll find out when the 4th was laid.

  10. Nicole,

    The week before springbreak I could hear Hope (presumably) calling from all the way behind Soldiers and Sailors Hall and as far west as the Towers. She’s easy to hear when she wants to be and we can hear her all over campus if you know what to listen for. She’s so loud you can hear her over all the traffic even!

    1. Thanks for telling me,Carol D. Yes there was! I can see it in the motion detection snapshots.

  11. I am concerned for Hope. egg is fine, I like this girl.

    and loud kaking again

    definitely problems. hope someone checks from ground

  12. The nest drama continues for this site. Havent noticed Hope back on nest lately. Wound like to see egg 2 laid so she can begin to incubate. Nice that dori has 4 eggs to incubate now. She will have her hands full. Harrisburgh PA falcon is in snow incubating but hopefully weather will improve for them. These birds are so interesting and definitely intriguing.

    1. Janet, she’s been at the nest since mid afternoon and Terzo brought food for her at 4:35pm.

  13. I was glad to finally see Terzo bring a gift. falcons are migrating right now. this could have been a young bird migrating and saw Terzo and that drew her in.

    HOpe is a great mom. she stayed with those eggs last year when she was all by herself. We cannot assume to know what happened last year , but I have seen it at northern nests. Only they know why.

    so glad all is quiet now

    1. Joyce, the egg will be fine prior to incubation if it doesn’t freeze. Today is above freezing.

  14. Third egg now. Wow. Hope they are up to caring for a big brood. They are going to be busy this year. Fingers crossed that there will be no drama. Mom and dad are such beautiful birds.

  15. At around 3:45 today, both parents were off the GT nest and it looks to me like there are now 5 eggs there.

    1. Mary Ann, cam viewers figured out she probably laid that 5th egg before dawn on Friday. It took this long for us to notice.

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