Happy Thanksgiving

How do you tell a wild turkey from a domestic one (ignoring the fact that they’re in a pen)?

In my experience, wild turkeys walk away from you. Domestic turkeys walk toward you and they try to get as close as they can.

And then they make you laugh.  😉

Happy Thanksgiving.


(YouTube credits: Produced in Cooperation with NasenNews Location: Turkey Farm in the wonderful Odenwald, Germany)

3 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving

  1. How could anyone kill and eat these harmless, friendly creatures? I remember one that was brought into the PA Wildlife Center (years before it became the ARL or HAR Wildlife Center) This bird obviously had been someone’s pet. It just wanted to be close to people, to sit on a lap, to play with a jacket button… Tragically, the bird died of aspirgillosis, contracted at the shelter, before it could be released to a suitable situation.
    Anyway, turkeys –and the way we see them, make me sad.

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