Uses Tools

27 June 2018

When I was in grade school we learned that using tools was one thing that made humans different from animals.  This false distinction ended years later when we (officially) noticed that monkeys and parrots use tools.

So do green herons.

Rather than hoping a fish will come within reach, green herons will use live bait or lures to attract them.  Live bait works best but bread is easier to find where humans have thrown it to the ducks.

Watch this green heron use a slice of bread to lure a fish.

Why does he toss and retrieve the bread over and over?  He has a particular fish in mind.  Wait and see.

(video from YouTube)

3 thoughts on “Uses Tools

  1. THAT was amazing! So patient. I hope he was going back to the water to clean his beak and not keep fishing, the fish he ate was huge! Thanks Kate

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