What Is He Doing?

Canadian blowing up a fish (photo by Chris Colaianni)
Captain Ray with a fish (photo by Chris Colaianni)

On Throw Back Thursday:

Eight years ago Chris Colaianni went on a fishing trip in the Canadian Rockies and came back with this amazing story.

Their guide, Captain Ray, used a fish to attract a bird. But why does he have the fish in his mouth?  Click here to find out in this vintage article: WHAT Is He Doing?


(photo by Chris Colaianni)

2 thoughts on “What Is He Doing?

  1. Having a bite to eat of course.
    I did not read story yet. Just wanted to help everyone understand his behavior from years of observation.

    1. Stephen Coleman, You’ll be surprised when you read the text; the man isn’t having a bite to eat.

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