This Morning at Duck Hollow

Birding on the Duck Hollow Trail, 31 March 2019 (photo by Ramona Sahni)

This morning at Duck Hollow fifteen of us braved wind and snow flurries to look for birds on the Monongahela River and along the Duck Hollow Trail.

Best birds were a common loon, four horned grebes, two pied-billed grebes, eastern phoebes (new arrivals), and a red-tailed hawk on its nest at the Homestead Grays Bridge. Since both male & female red-tailed hawks incubate the eggs we don’t know which parent was on the nest.

As we walked back to our cars a killdeer flew high overhead, calling.

Thanks to everyone who braved the cold weather. Such a change from yesterday’s 60 degrees!

Our eBird checklist is here:

(photo by Ramona Sahni)

3 thoughts on “This Morning at Duck Hollow

  1. Love your posts. Read them daily. Is the red tailed hawk’s nest on the Homestead Grays Bridge visible from the main parking lot at Duck Hollow overlooking the Mon? At 11:30
    yesterday from that parking lot I saw 3 Common Loons, one Grebe too far to see which, 2 Common Mergansers, and a break neck speed flyby of 4 Long tailed Ducks in a tight formation zooming downstream. Also R.b. gulls, C.geese and mallards. Thanks.

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