Make Way For Ducklings

On the morning after her eggs hatch, the mother mallard leads her ducklings to water where they’ll be safe. Unfortunately in the city there are unexpected hazards on the way.

Sometimes she walks over grates that are too open for her ducklings and they all fall in. In Phoenix, Arizona the Fire Department rescues ducklings at least once a year.

When her family is reunited Mother Mallard leads them away.

Mother mallard leads her ducklings after rescue, 1 July 2006 (photo by Starbuck Powersurge on Flickr, Creative Commons license)

p.s. Notice that she’s fanning her tail to show white feathers. Perhaps her ducklings cue on that signal.

(video by Woodside Homes Arizona on YouTube. photo by Starbuck Powersurge on Flickr, Creative Commons license

3 thoughts on “Make Way For Ducklings

  1. What is the survival rate of ducklings? gosling’s? I have never seen more that half a dozen “teenagers” at my local water fowl hangout.

    1. Nan, the survival rate is low. That’s why ducks lay 20 eggs to get 2+ offspring that make it to adulthood.

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